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On December 31st, 2008, our then 9 year old son was diagnosed with Juvenile or Type 1 Diabetes.    Managing his diabetes now consists of watching his diet, checking his blood sugar a minimum of five times every day (including once at 2:00 AM), and using an insulin pump to give himself insulin to compensate for meals, snacks, and to manage his blood sugar.  This is to help manage this disease and is not a cure.  Unfortunately, this is a routine shared by far too many.  

In addition to potential long term complications including heart, kidney, and eye damage, as with everyone who has been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, Kyle will be insulin dependent until a cure is found.  As his parents, it's our job to help find that cure. 

Shortly after his diagnosis, we were contacted by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation or JDRF.  In addition to being one of the leading sources of funding for research to help prevent, better manage, and ultimately find a cure for this disease, the JDRF introduced us to an entire support network of other families who are coping with the same challenges that come with managing this disease.

While we had previously supported the JDRF through their annual fundraising walks, we decided to do something a little different. 

What initially started out as a motorcycle fundraising event has, since we have many family and friends who drive but do not ride, evolved into "Wheels For A Cure"

Bring your motorcycle, convertible, station wagon, or mini-van......all vehicles are welcome.  Come out, have fun, and help support a worthy cause!!!!

Working to help find a cure for our son Kyle and all others who have been diagnosed with diabetes.